August 2008



It’s launched! Status is a lightweight group communication tool. I really hope it finds its niche and helps some people out.

Fixing Media Temple + Coda Slow Uploads

And when I saw “slow”, I don’t mean like “takes twice as long as you might expect”, I mean like “two minutes per tiny little 2k image”. I asked the Twitter hive-mind and totally got a fix that seems to be working: Media Temple + Coda workaround: set Coda to SFTP in the sites prefs […]

Firefox & Google Gears Problem

This has been bugging me for probably months now. I have tried everything I know how to do, and I’m completely stuck. Whenever I visit Google Reader, I get a Firefox popup telling me that I’m missing a plugin. “Additional plugins are required to display all the media on this page.”

Retiring Unused Keys

We all have weird unused keys laying around. But you know the day after you throw it away you’ll either remember what it was for or need it desperately. My solution is to put they key in a plastic bag and write the date on it. The date represents when this key was “retired”. Should, […]

Favre Reactions

So as a Wisconsin native, the Favre situation has been a big deal ’round here. I’m of the opinion if you say you are going to do something, you do it. You don’t pussyfoot around and change your mind. It pisses people off and shows them they can’t count on you. Anyway, it’s over now. […]


This old-time song has really gotten stuck in my head lately. I took morphine last Saturday night,Lord I took it in that morphine way,If the Doctor hadn’t come just as he did,Lord I’d a’been in my grave today. Well it’s peaches honey, Rye, Rock and Rye,Oh baby let me tell you my dream, I dreamed […]

On Locke’s Attractiveness

Me: I still find it bizarre you find Locke attractive. Rachel: He gets me. Me: So it’s an emotional thing? Rachel: Well yeah! A perfectly normal, fiercely reciprocal, not at all delusional, emotional connection.

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