Cities Egosurfing

Google Trends launched this week, giving average folks the chance to explore what people have been Googleing for the past few years. Along the timeline, there are markers with significant news events that may (or may not) explain spikes in traffic.

<h3>Cities that don't search for themselves:</h3>


    <li>Most "Portland" Searches: Beaverton</li>
    <li>Most "Green Bay" Searches: De Pere</li>
    <li>Most "San Francisco" Searches: Pleasanton</li>
    <li>Most "South Park" Searches: Budapest</li>
    <li>Most "Dallas" Searches: Richardson</li>
    <li>Most "Los Angeles" Searches: Van Nuys</li>


Of course, New York searches for itself more than any other place.

2 responses to “Cities Egosurfing”

  1. Zervas says:

    hmm… I actually showed the portland/beaverton thing to molly before I read your article today. she says it’s because people in beaverton suck and they wish they lived in portland. which is kind of true, beaverton is the less hip side of portland metro.
    apparently johnny lechner is more popular in germany than he is here. that’s not saying much but I still found it amusing.

  2. Chris Coyier says:

    You could really use this to skew information for marketing purposes.

    “Move to sunny Williston! Why would you move to LA, the city most interested in White Vans, Lollipops, Rope, Rubber Gloves, and Saws worldwide? Williston on the other hand is the city most interested in Picket Fences, Smiles, Puppies, Tulips, and Success worldwide.”

    The “Local Favorites” on Netflix also offer interesting statistics:

    Williston is the kind of place where Charmed, Songcatcher, and Star Wars are the top three movies to rent, while in Los Angeles, people rent movies like Fallen Angel, Badlands, and The Long Goodbye.

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