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For All Your Scent-Related Needs

Dementer Fragrance has some crazy colognes / perfumes for sale.

Now the Demeter Fragrance Library is making history of its own, with Demeter’s wearable version of the Chocolate Chip Cookie. Demeter’s Chocolate Chip is a combination of light and dark chocolate, freshly baked but not too doughy. All of the flavor, none of the calories!

Think that’s weird?

<h3> Check out some of their other scents: </h3>


    <li> Gin & Tonic</li>
    <li> Pink Lemonade </li>
    <li> Play-Doh </li>
    <li> Pipe Tobacco </li>
    <li> Lobster </li>
    <li> New Zealand </li>
    <li> Paint Drying </li>
    <li> Grass Growing </li>
    <li> Cannabis Flower </li>
    <li> Bon Fire </li>
    <li> Between The Sheets </li>


I figure if they are willing to go this far, they might as well go all the way and do Santorum, Tire Factory, and Infant Mortality.