Ghetto Fabulous

I’m fascinated by the idea of Ghetto Fabulous – where poor ghetto bangers get rich and then spend their money on things they consider fancy or exotic. Only their conception of what is fancy and exotic is sometimes very very strange based on the isolation of the ghetto community. Fake gold teeth is a quintessential example – something well known to be a symbol of wealth being used for something most people would consider absurd.

Things that are hilariously Ghetto Fabulous:

  1. Glowing Blue Toilet Seats
  2. Driving an Escalade to your slum-land apartment
  3. Mink Fur Bathroom Rugs
  4. Diamond Studded Steering Wheels
  5. Designer Track Suits

One response to “Ghetto Fabulous”

  1. Zervas says:

    Poor people pretending to be rich is very funny to me. Spending all their money on clothes and cars rather than investing in infrastructure. Along with those pretending to be rich we have the beverly hillbillies of the ghetto world, rappers, athletes and drug dealers. Seriously, watching what poor people do with money is hilarious.

    Here are some facts
    1. Teeth are worth more than gold. That’s why rich people get their kids braces, not grills.
    2. Diamonds lose most of their value at resale.
    3. Diamonds are not rare and are only bought by the igorant or the pussy whipped.
    4. Diamonds are the corner stone of ghetto fabulous style.
    5. Despite the grill and bling Flavor Flav actually has less money than Bill Gates.

    It is better to have money than to look like you have money.

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