Four Twenty

Today is Earth Day and perhaps the most widely celebrated hippie holiday: 4/20.

<h3>How are hippies celebrating?</h3>


    <li>Getting all up in your face about how people need to chill out</li>
    <li>Honoring diversity, by buying their eighth Umphree's McGee T-Shirt</li>
    <li>Getting out into nature, by driving their oil-burning van 40 miles to the closest state park</li>
    <li>Honoring togetherness, by smoking so much pot they can't even talk to each other</li>
    <li>Protesting mining, by collecting rare rocks and crystals</li>
    <li>Honoring healthy living, by noodle dancing and hula-hooping</li>
    <li>By staying away from me</li>


One response to “Four Twenty”

  1. Zervas says:
    1. Remembering the true origins of 4/20, Hitler’s birthday
    2. Using the Columbine tragedy as an excuse not to go to school/work
    3. Giving long rants about peace, acceptance and love, occasionally interupted by shouting “facist!” at unknown guy in suit.

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