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The highly anticipated debut of TomKat’s baby finally took place last night. There was few controversial media frenzies during the pregnancy. One involving Cruise requiring Katie (as well as all the doctors and nurses) to be silent during the delivery and another when Cruise told GQ he we be eating the placenta. Of course, both of these things made we want to punch him even harder than after I watched Vanilla Sky.

They named the child Suri, which means “pickpocket” in Japanese and “I’m so deep and fucking cultural you’ll never understand me” in Hollynglish.

What other names were the famous couple considering?


    <li>Thomas Cruise Mapother V</li>
    <li>Mission Impossibilly</li>
    <li>Lt. Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell II</li>
    <li>Moon Unit</li>
    <li>Little Ricky 2</li>
    <li>This One Isa Not Adopted</li>