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Flying Spaghetti Monster

The flying spaghetti monster cult is the most popular of all the mock religions. I have to say, I’m a fan. There was that big Kthulu following a while back, but I haven’t heard much about them in a while.

<h3>What is it that makes the Flying Spaghetti Monster so attractive?</h3>

    <li>Reminds people of food (our REAL religion)</li>
    <li>WWFSMD is really funny</li>
    <li>Seems so loveable</li>
    <li>Makes for a good t-shirt</li>
    <li>That one internet game where you fly around as the FSM and pick up cows is wicked fun</li>
    <li>Its mysterious origins ignite our sense of mystery</li>
    <li>Fuck Jesus. Even <a href="">Lion Jesus</a> is cooler that Real Jesus.</li>

And by the way, there is no way Jesus built that one staircase.