The personal website of Chris Coyier


…and by “Frequently Asked”, I mean “Probably Thought Of”.


  1. Q: “Chris, why isn’t your entire banner a button to return to the homepage like every other blog in the world?”
    A: “Good question beautiful and sexy reader of mine. The answer is that I’m still learning how all this fancy stuff works and I still kind of suck at it. In fact, if anybody knows how to do that, please let me know. For now, you’ll see the text ‘Everybody Loves Lists.’ in white in the center of the banner, uglyly* conflicting with the other text. You can click on that to return to the main page.
  2. Q: “Chris, why does your content suck so bad?”
    A: “Because, you pretty little girl-next-door reader of mine, I spend most of my day actually working, engaged in one of my hobbies, or fantasizing about who reads my blog. There is very little time in my average day to churn out quality content. For that I apologize.”
  3. Q: “Chris, what is your political, economic, and social background and how does that affect your viewpoint?”
    A: “Yes, I am single. What about you? You should come back with us later, we can throw some darts and have a few cocktails back there. It’s just down the road, five minutes. Fine, yeah, no, you have to get up early, that’s cool, maybe I’ll see you later.”