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I Feel Abruised

We may never know.

<h3>10 Ways You Could Have Gotten That Bruise:</h3>


    <li>Haven't gotten used to the kick on new 12-gauge</li>
    <li>Spent a lot of time on knees this weekend</li>
    <li>Uhm, I fell, Mrs. Baker.</li>
    <li>If I could remember I might be able to press charges</li>
    <li>That's not a bruise</li>
    <li>What I do in my own home is my own business</li>
    <li>Disregarded "Don't Try This at Home" Disclaimer</li>
    <li>Bitch was boney</li>
    <li>Missed the vein</li>
    <li>Gave him the safety sign, but was too late</li>