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Justin Adjusted

If you have a friend named Justin, he may be tired of hearing “Justin Case” or “Justin Time”.

Here are some new Justin words for you:


    <li>Are you feeling <em>Justinsecure</em>?</li>
    <li>After a night of drinking we were <em>Justininebriated</em></li>
    <li>I’m not hemorrhaging, I’m <em>Justinternal</em> bleeding</li>
    <li>What road do you take to La Crosse?  <em>Justinterstate</em> 90</li>
    <li>The quality of this food is <em>Justinferior</em></li>
    <li>This band is <em>Justintense</em>.</li>
    <li>The explorers were <em>Justintrepid</em></li>
    <li>The design of this table is <em>Justinefficient</em></li>
    <li>This color scheme is <em>Justinverted</em></li>
    <li>This evidence is <em>Justinadmissable</em> in court</li>
    <li><em>Justinanimate</em> objects surround me</li>
    <li>This list is becoming <em>Justinane</em></li>
    <li>When you meet Justin you’re <em>Justinaugurated</em></li>


Of course, these don’t really work on the same level as “Justin Time”, but that’s the price you have to pay sometimes to keep things fresh.

Thanks Drew