Guest Author: Little Known Facts

You probably didn’t know these things.

Little Known Facts:


    <li>Porn careers only sometimes result in <a href="">mainstream success</a>.</li>
    <li>The equinox has nothing to do with your egg standing on end.</li>
    <li>That law you heard about regarding something ridiculous in a city or state you don't live in isn't an actual law.</li>
    <li>Cambell's chicken soup is made from diseased baby chickens.</li>
    <li>Diamonds are a scam.</li>
    <li>Eating healthier and exercising will get you no where. You need <a href="">this</a>.</li>


3 responses to “Guest Author: Little Known Facts”

  1. zervas says:
    unfortunately I don’t have a similar link with the used up “stars” who are sleeping on hollywood boulevard rather than having a star on it.

  2. Cheap tart says:

    Saw your post about Netflix on anther persons blog…what do you think about Netflix now…based on the AP report about Throttling…it’s in popular news in Yahoo today?

    This Throttling was news to me.

    Many thanks!

  3. chriscoyier says:

    At the end of the day, Netflix is still a good deal and I’m happy with their service. But this throttling business is a heartbreaker. Especially now since the CEO Reed Hastings confirms that this is business as usual.

    It affects me personally since I’m one of those users who watchs the movies I receive on the same day and returns them the next. When a movie in the ‘At Home’ section says ‘Shipping Friday’ (and it’s Wednesday), that is the in-your-face truth about throttling. We have your movie, but we’re not going to ship it today, we’re going to ship it in two days. Fuck that.

    Every company has a bit of a dark side, that’s just business. In Netflix’s case, it’s just more visible that with other businesses. Despite their blatent non-fullfillment on their promise of “unlimited” rentals, it’s still a good deal and it beats going to a rental store any day.


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