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I love me some cool T-Shirts. Maybe if you are lucky and real good little blog readers I’ll post a list of some very cool places to get T-Shirts online. But for now, here is a new company that will analyze a blog for you, create a word-cloud (like, and put it on a T-Shirt for you. It’s a great idea, but the end product leaves something to be desired. If I wanted to look like walking refrigerator magnet poetry….I’d….get some refrigerator magnet poetry things and glue them on a T-shirt.

Here are some other cool T-Shirts:

  1. Threadless has a lot of nice user-submitted designs. Like this rainbow puking clown.
  2. The Onion
  3. Stuff on my Cat
  4. Similar to the word-cloud thing, here is a letter-cloud shirt (size based on frequency used in English language)