Isn’t she a beautiful pride?

We all know that:

  1. Bitch-slaps obliterate pride

    Newton tells us that every action must have an equal and opposite reaction

    The closest opposite action to a bitch-slap would HAVE TO be a high-five.

    Be it resolved then, that if bitch-slaps obliterate pride:

  2. High-fives MUST give or transmit pride.

    The person below is clearly pointing out the exact moment and location of the pride transmission.

    This is pure science.


In order to maintain ones pride equilibrium, a healthy balance, in the eyes of an outside observer such as a friend, of bitch-slaps and high-fives must be maintained.

Pride disequilibrium is especially dangerous in the case of a person who is always willing to bitch-slap but never willing to high-five. This person absorbs pride that is obliterated from others during a bitch slap, but never returns pride to others through high-fives. This person is a pride sponge.

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