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A Scanner Darkly

There is a new Keanu Reeves movie coming out (trailer: A Scanner Darkly). It seems it’s going to be in the visual style of ‘A Waking Life’ (only probably a little higher budget) and with the Reeves-Requisite of cheezy sci-fi (see Johnny Mnemonic, Matrix, Chain Reaction….). Am I going to hate it? Already do. Am I going to see it? Obviously.

Here are some more ideas for future Keanu movies:

  1. Keanu rides a robot-tiger named ‘Kitty’ through alternate universes and shoots people with laser sunglasses. Shoot it like Sky Captian & The World of Tommorow (kind of sepia)
  2. In the not-so-distant future, nanotechnology starts to invade all the major industries, only it starts to go wrong and the miniture robots start eating everything they come in contact with. Keanu has to be shrunk down to the size of a molecule where he will fight off the super king Nanobot and save the world.
  3. Keanu is an astronaut from Earth investigating a mysterious space ship that has floated into our galaxy. They think the spaceship is empty at first, but then they sense a life form aboard, and it turns out to be Keanu from a different galaxy, and knows all the information about the other astronauts that he couldn’t have known. It turns out all galaxies have the exact same people in them, and it has been physically impossible to travel between them, until now… plus there is shooting and explosions and stuff.