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Crazy Spam

I am starting to miss the old days of normal spam. No longer is my junk mailbox filled with ways to make my penis longer, places to get cheap viagra, and horny farm animals looking to please.

Here are the subject lines from six junk emails I got today:

  1. ????????????(?)
  2. ¥þ°ê³Ì«K©yAV¼v¤ù¨C¤ù¤£¨ì10¤¸
  3. ¡½¡½±ÄÁÊ®w¦s¹q¤l¹s¥ó¡½¡½
  4. ¡» ­t¶Å«ü¼Æ¤Ó°ª¶Ü? Åý§Ú­Ì­°§C±zªºµh­W«ü¼Æ¡»¡»¡»
  5. ¡»¡»¡»¡»¡» ¤£¥Îµ¥¦~²×¼úª÷¡A²{¦b´N¸Ñ¨M±zªº­t¶Å°ÝÃD¡»¡»¡»¡»¡
  6. ¡»¡»¡»¡»¡»´î»´§A²ü¥]ªº­t¾á¡»¡»¡»¡»¡

Are those upside down exclimation points? WTF¡