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I play in a local band. We’ve been playing together for years and years, and as an official band for a little less than one year. When we don’t have a steady gig, we just take whatever comes along assuming it is convenient for everyone and we’ve covered all the bases. What are the bases? This should be brick-in-the-face obvious for people who claim to be music professionals or promoters, but we seem to have problems with it all the time.

  1. When. The date is the most important thing, as we all keep calendars and plan our lives in advance like all other people.
  2. When. What time does this little gig of yours kick off?
  3. When. What time would you like us to be there to make sure everything goes smoothly. (Can you tell time is the most important thing?)
  4. Where. Where is this place, EXACTLY?
  5. What. What type of place is it? What kind of event is it?
  6. How much. How much are you offering, or, would you like us to bid?
  7. Do we need to bring our PA, or is there equipment already?
  8. Is there food/drink available? Is there a band allotment of said food, or a discount?

If I was drafting an email to send to a band, I would include all of this information AT THE VERY LEAST. I would likely include even more information, including a healthy ‘thank you’ for even reading it. While being information-rich, it wouldn’t ramble and would be well-formatted.

Here is an example of a more typical email we get:

Hey guys-
I got a gig for you, do U want it or not?
-Blah Somebody McUseless