Jeff Campana

Jeff is my old college roommate and now an accomplished Ceramic Artist teaching at the University of Louisville. Selling work online is a major part of Jeff’s career, so having a strong online presence is essential. Jeff has this to say:

This website has been instrumental to my recent success as an artist. I get constant compliments from my fellow artists. A beautiful and functional design. I can update content easily even with my rudimentary knowledge of the internet, and it makes my work look fantastic.

Conney Project

The Center for Jewish Studies at UW-Madison is a client of Chatman Design, so that work on their website led us to this project. One of the bigger events for the Conney Project is the yearly Conney Conference, a three-day event full of arts presentations, an entertaining and enlightening experience for all. The Conney Project website is a home for those conferences, showcasing the artists, providing information, and archiving video from the events.

Kailin Yong

Kailin Yong is a world-class violinist I met through the Boulder Acoustic Society, another band I helped with a website (see below). Kailin’s site features many of the things common to a a musician’s website: easily playable music, videos, tour dates (updateable by Kailin), and eCommerce. The overall feeling of the site is calm, peaceful, and graceful, like Kailin himself.

Boulder Acoustic Society

B.A.S. is a national touring band who are on the road twice as many days a year as they are off. The guys like to keep in touch with their fans, so the home page features a news section that they can update easily on the road (they have Wi-Fi in their van!). The show calendar is powered by the Band Website Template, which had it’s genesis with this very project. Scott McCormick is a killer photographer who often posts to the band’s Flickr account, so the photo gallery pulls from that.

Script & Style

“Links to Help you Grow as a Designer and Developer” is the slogan for Script & Style, a social news site designed by me and developed/maintained by David Walsh. It is essentially a social news site, as the majority of news comes from user submissions. The front page reads like a newspaper of the days most interesting and useful news from the design and development world.

… and many, many, many more.