Explanation of Boots Of Spanish Leather

I’ve always loved the ending of this song. Most of it is this brooding lovers-separated ballad. But then it’s like, just kidding, she was really just trying to get rid of the dude without outright saying it and it took him the whole song to get it. And when he does, he’s like OH RIGHT, […]

Mini Documentary on Pro StarCraft

I watch a decent amount of professional StarCraft. It’s just fun. I dunno, I guess nobody really cares so I don’t have to justify it. This little documentary was neat to see: It wasn’t amazingly well done or anything, but the history of the Jaedong and Flash rivalry was a nice human angle to it. […]

Easy to Shop For

I wonder if people generally think of themselves as “easy to shop for”. Everyone knows themselves, so it seems like it’s easy to think that. I know I do. I have lots of broad interests. For instance I love music, as most people do, and I would love practical anything music related as a gift. […]

To Be Young (Is to be Sad, is to Be High)

This Ryan Adams song has been earworming me for months. Different parts of it get into my head. Usually the abrupt minor chord-y chorus: Oh one day when you’re looking back You were young and man you were sad When you’re young you get sad When you’re young you get sad then you get high […]