In September 2014 I wrote I weighed 234lbs. I was proud to be back there after a slip up pushing me back up to 250. This years slip up put me at 255, but I’m proud to say I’m back at 234 and falling, on my way toward my first goal of 225. I’m also […]

Hey Chris, Is Your Lynda.com Course Still Up To Date?

I get this one a lot! The course in question is WordPress 3: Creating and Editing Custom Themes. The course was published in November 2010. WordPress was version 3.0. As I write this in January 2016, it’s 4.4.1. Only one major version it may look like, but that’s actually quite a few major WordPress releases. […]

I was gonna tweet this but

So Making a Murderer is season 3 of Fargo? — Garbage Pale Kid (@_smendahs_) January 9, 2016 Making A Murderer: did Fargo Season 3 release early? #youbetcha — Adam Lunceford (@adamlunceford) January 8, 2016 I feel like Making a Murderer is a season of Fargo. #wtf — Manda (@manda615) January 7, 2016 Thought I was […]

Chris’ Law of Places

Any place with hot showers, good internet, privacy, and safety are interchangeably wonderful.