Life in Milwaukee

Life! My girlfriend Miranda has moved in with me as of February. That’s a first for me. Aside from smashing our houses together, we’ve been improving it as well. We did some minor landscaping work in our backyard. We also just finished up some major landscaping in the front yard with Hill & Valley landscaping. […]


It me: Although, I concede, I kinda like the pamplemousse La Croix.

More Northern Exposure Now!

Darren Burrows (Ed, from Northern Exposure), is trying to bring it back. Sometimes reunion shows are bogus, but he’s aware: So-called reunion shows can be hit and miss. While designed to please fans, they rarely tell a good story. You and I know a good story with complex characters sits at the heart of every […]


In September 2014 I wrote I weighed 234lbs. I was proud to be back there after a slip up pushing me back up to 250. This years slip up put me at 255, but I’m proud to say I’m back at 234 and falling, on my way toward my first goal of 225. I’m also […]