Chris’ Law of Places

Any place with hot showers, good internet, privacy, and safety are interchangeably wonderful.

Spec Work and Contests

The two always seems awkwardly close. Spec Work: Please design this menu for us. If we like it, we’ll pay you for it. And maybe more work if you’re lucky! Contest: If you’d like, you may submit to our menu design content. The winner gets a prize! Largely I think contests are fine and spec […]

Bay View Printing Company

I took a class at Bay View Printing Company with my mom the other day. How could I not? It’s a beautiful little print shop right in my neighborhood. I’m a designer with plenty of print experience, but almost none in letterpress, so it was a great opportunity to see the place and learn through […]

Trendy Little Sayings

“All the feels” “Give no fucks” “That’s fair” “Science!” “Bespoke [anything that isn’t a suit]” Also see: “Artisanal” and “Craft” “Head ‘splode” “It’s a thing.” “Ummmmmm, no.” Order of operations: I don’t get it. Oh, I get it. Start using the little trendy saying and feel cool. Notice other people using it. Not cool anymore. […]

Dooce at XOXO

I particularly enjoyed Heather Armstrong’s talk: