Slow Feel

I’m often slow in sorting out how I feel about Major World Events. The events are often hugely complicated and far outside areas of my expertise. I typically try on a few emotional reactions internally. “I’m outraged!” I’ll attempt to tell myself, only to have it not fit. “This is how these things go.” I’ll […]

The Five Stages of Understanding Sexism

I regularly think back to this article by Jess Zimmerman on Particularly this bit where she speculates on men’s path of understanding sexism: Sexism is a fake idea invented by feminists Sexism happens, but the effect of “reverse sexism” on men is as bad or worse Sexism happens, but the important part is that […]


Lara Swanson: Years ago, I found that whenever something awesome happened in my career – maybe I got published, or promoted, or launched a project – I wouldn’t take the time to celebrate the achievement. I’m an achiever by nature, the kind who feels like every day starts at zero. Not deliberately marking these moments […]


I recently unfollowed some people on Twitter. Not one because I dislike that person. More of a casual experiment in shaking things up. Just like, ug, a random Foursquare check in, and I don’t know you well enough that that’s fun or interesting for me to read, so unfollow. I really enjoy Twitter and I […]

Selling Quarters

People are pretty up in arms about Washboard. They sell you a $10 roll of quarters for $15. Thoughts: It does feel weird to sell money for a markup. Isn’t that what ATMs do, because it’s convenient? Surely the pricing is based on: (price of quarters) + (shipping) + (markup the market bears). I’m sure […]