Saddle Rash

I loved this so much. I have to watch it from time to time.

Hidden URLs

There is a recent trend in browsers that they are hiding all but the root domain in the “URL bar”. So for instance: would become: I’ve read lots of opinions about it, ranging from the profoundly butthurt, to ‘this was inevitable’, to ‘this is good for the web’. I think a lot of […]

Safelite AutoGlass FAQ

Should I drive behind gravel trucks? yes. definitely. How closely should I drive behind them? very close. gravel trucks love friends!! What other types of trucks should I drive behind? any type of open-top truck over-full with loose, hard objects is cool & safe & fun to drive behind. What happens if something goes wrong? […]

Aisle vs. Window

Aisle considerations: Can just get up to pee whenever without asking other people to stop what they are doing to deal with your sudden needs. Carts and luggage and stuff always hitting your arm. Window people being annoyed with you for not rushing into aisle as soon as the plane pulls into the gate like […]