Walking around Savannah

It’s kind of a little paradise town. Old feel. Some fancy, some dirty. Lots of activity. While sitting in Forsyth park: Pile of hippies laying on each other, reading, one playing guitar. 2 old ladies, each with 2 identical cute dogs, different breeds. Playground oversaturated with kids, but somehow low volume? Well behaved dogs pronouncing […]

Does speaking help an “average devs” career?

I was recently asked this. I’m going to go with yes. Not in the sense that you’ll make a bunch of money doing it (you won’t), or that you’ll rise to dev stardom and thus tangentially make a bunch of money (you won’t). But in the sense that in order to speak, there are all […]

Hard Question

Here’s a hard question. It has a little setup. I get a lot of spam on CSS-Tricks. I employ various evolving technologies to help fight it. One of them, Akismet, has blocked almost 1.5 million spam comments from the site. Despite doing a pretty good job, a lot of spam slips through. Maybe a few […]

iframe Embed for CodePen

Adding this as an option for CodePen Embeds. RSS is the inspiration. I noticed Feedly isn’t stripping iframes anymore, but instead putting a box you can tap to load the iframe. RSS has traditionally just stripped iframes, which was the inspiration for using something like a <p> for the embed which gets replaced with JavaScript. […]