Selling Quarters

People are pretty up in arms about Washboard. They sell you a $10 roll of quarters for $15. Thoughts: It does feel weird to sell money for a markup. Isn’t that what ATMs do, because it’s convenient? Surely the pricing is based on: (price of quarters) + (shipping) + (markup the market bears). I’m sure […]

Saddle Rash

I loved this so much. I have to watch it from time to time.

Hidden URLs

There is a recent trend in browsers that they are hiding all but the root domain in the “URL bar”. So for instance: would become: I’ve read lots of opinions about it, ranging from the profoundly butthurt, to ‘this was inevitable’, to ‘this is good for the web’. I think a lot of […]

Safelite AutoGlass FAQ

Should I drive behind gravel trucks? yes. definitely. How closely should I drive behind them? very close. gravel trucks love friends!! What other types of trucks should I drive behind? any type of open-top truck over-full with loose, hard objects is cool & safe & fun to drive behind. What happens if something goes wrong? […]