I got to be one of the talking heads in this promotional video for beyond tellerrand they shot last time I was at it: beyond tellerrand Voices from beyond tellerrand on Vimeo.

Vegan Shopping List

I’m going vegan and dry the whole month of September. I wanted to make a shopping list for myself of stuff that I know I like so I can load up at the grocery store and feel like I’m getting lots of great stuff and not feel all sad trombone limited. pickels potatoes brown rice […]

Beat Blox

Please sell me this. Please.

Developers (versus?) Visonaries

Jonathan Cutrell is working on a book that explores different types of people working together. I answered a few questions for him over email and, me being me, I like to publish the things I write to give them longevity. In the book, I discuss the differences in “creative DNA” of developers and visionaries. While […]


I’ve been “called out” a couple of times now on this whole charity bandwagon that’s been going around. Ice Bucket and Give and Tell. My turn to address it with some O P I N I O N S and whatnot. I’ve never heard of ALS before this challenge. As I understand it, that’s the […]