Pounds, that is. Making today my adult lightest. With an awareness that weight isn’t the only important health metric. I’m also at my strongest and best stamina. Still a way to go though to be kinda “all the way healthy” as I think of it.

Tony Rice

He hasn’t really been able to talk well or sing for 19 years, but this past September at the IMBA awards he stunned everyone with something he’s been “working on”. What a hero.

It’s Raining

“I’m going to wash my car.” “But it’s raining!” I’m sure I’ve bore witness to hundreds of versions of that conversation in my lifetime. It’s this weird generic response that everyone seems to intuitively understand, tying together car washing and raining. I’ve never quite understood though. I think it means one of two things. Why […]


Interesting: Netflix’s big problem, it seems to me, is that it can’t afford the content that its subscribers most want to watch. It could try to buy streaming rights to every major Hollywood blockbuster in history — but doing so would cost hundreds of billions of dollars, and could never be recouped with $7.99 monthly […]