Bay View Printing Company

I took a class at Bay View Printing Company with my mom the other day. How could I not? It’s a beautiful little print shop right in my neighborhood. I’m a designer with plenty of print experience, but almost none in letterpress, so it was a great opportunity to see the place and learn through […]

Trendy Little Sayings

“All the feels” “Give no fucks” “That’s fair” “Science!” “Bespoke [anything that isn’t a suit]” Also see: “Artisanal” and “Craft” “Head ‘splode” “It’s a thing.” “Ummmmmm, no.” Order of operations: I don’t get it. Oh, I get it. Start using the little trendy saying and feel cool. Notice other people using it. Not cool anymore. […]

Dooce at XOXO

I particularly enjoyed Heather Armstrong’s talk:

Chris Stapleton and Justin Timberlake

Little surprising. Very awesome. I remember when The SteelDrivers came to Graves Mountain one year and nobody really knew who they were and they blew everyone’s minds.

Lots Happening at CodePen

Crazy times over at CodePen. We closed $1,000,000 friends & family round of funding. We talk about it here. We hired our first employee. We’re just finalizing our second and third and have a fourth lined up. Incredibly, the easy part was getting our top choices to say yes. But it’s also complicated and lots […]