These are significant events in my life. This is almost more for me than for you, as I’m horrible at remembering even the most significant of events and their time-relationship with other things.

  • Life Aug 1980 Born in Madison, WI at St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Life Sep 1985 First day of Kindergarten
  • Life Jun 1989 Moved to Verona, WI (start of 5th grade)
  • School Jun 1998 Graduated Verona Area High School
  • Work Jul 1998 Start work at American Family Insurance (software testing)
  • School Aug 1998 Started at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Life May 2002 Attended my first Graves Mountain Bluegrass Festival
  • School Sep 2002 Help found Whitewater United for Peace
  • Life Sep 2003 Started work at The Brass Rail Saloon
  • Life Oct 2003 Bought my first car, 2002 Saturn L200
  • School May 2004 Graduated University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
  • Work Jun 2004 Started work at American (prepress & print design)
  • Life July 2005 Peak summer of The Missing String Band
  • Work Dec 2006 Started work at Suttle-Strauss (prepress)
  • Work May 2007 Started work at Chatman Design (web design)
  • Work Jul 2007 CSS-Tricks launched
  • Life Dec 2007 Moved to Portland, OR
  • Life Jul 2008 Moved to Chicago, IL
  • Project Feb 2009 Launched Are My Sites Up
  • Project May 2009 Launched Digging Into WordPress (the blog)
  • Project Nov 2009 Initial publishing of Digging Into WordPress (the book)
  • Project Mar 2010 Digging Into WordPress (the book) v2
  • Work Jun 2010 Start working at Wufoo (web design)
  • Project Jul 2010 Digging Into WordPress (the book) v3
  • Life Aug 2010 Moved to Tampa, FL
  • Life Sep 2010 Got my first dog: Digby!
  • Work Apr 2011 SurveyMonkey acquired Wufoo
  • Life Aug 2011 Moved to Palo Alto, CA / Sold Saturn / Bought 2011 Toyota Tacoma
  • Project Jan 2012 Launched ShopTalk Show
  • Life March 2012 Sold Volkswagon Westfalia / Bought Jayco camper trailer
  • Work May 2012 Last day at Wufoo/SurveyMonkey – Trip around the U.S.
  • Project Jun 2012 Launched CodePen
  • Project Sep 2012 Launched v10 of CSS-Tricks
  • Work Dec 2012 Launched CodePen PRO
  • Life April 2013 Moved to Milwaukee, WI
  • Work April 2013 Going full-time on CodePen with Tim and Alex
  • Life October 2013 Sold Jayco Camper / Entered Land Contract to buy house in Milwaukee
  • Life April 2014 Bought SylvanSport GO Camper Trailer right before first MerleFest (where we made the front page of the paper pickin’ in the campground)
  • Work Feb 2015 Staffed up a bit at CSS-Tricks hiring part time writers/editors/developers/etc.
  • Life June 2015 Completed land contract / Bought same house in Milwaukee
  • Work August 2015 CodePen receives seed funding
  • Work September 2015 CodePen hires first employee
  • Life February 2016 Miranda moves in with me
  • Life June 2016 Completed first major home renovation project: front and backyard landscaping
  • Project July 2016 Published Practical SVG (a book)
  • Life Nov 2062 Probable death due to meteor apocalypse


I’ve been lucky enough to have been interviewed a number of times. Here is a list of them.

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