Cities in 2012

Cities I was in for at least a day:

Palo Alto, CA (lived)
San Francisco, CA
Madison, WI (four times!)
Milwaukee, WI
Roslyn, WA
Orlando, FL
Atlanta, GA
Austin, TX
Harrisburg, PA
Minneapolis, MN
Vancouver, Canada
London, UK
Warsaw, Poland
Las Vegas, NV (twice)
Elko, NV
Idaho Falls, ID
Helena, MT
Glacier National Park, MT
Rapid City, SD
Pittsburg, PA
Syria, VA
Crivitz, WI
Denver, CO
Guerneville, CA
Monterey, CA (twice)
Dallas, TX
Tallahassee, FL
New York, NY
Baton Rogue, LA
Salt Lake City, UT
Philadelphia, PA
Honolulu, HA

Kind of awesome and kind of ridiculous. I hope to cut that in half next year and get a lot more work done.


  1. Taufik says:

    Great people always had a long trip in a short time. Good luck.
    quick! quick! (not a sound of a walking shoe).

  2. Saracuda says:

    Ohio gets the shaft.