Just an Experiment

I deleted all games and all social networking apps from my phone. I was getting sick of being a phone zombie instead of awake and engaged with life. Not trying to make some big statement or anything, I’m just going to try it for at least a month and see if life feels better. It’s been 4 days or so and I like it so far.

I also removed the Twitter app from my dock. I’m still going to be on Twitter, I’m just going to open it a few times a day and see what’s going on, engage a little bit, then close it. I want the majority of my time in front of a computer to be creating.

I like these thoughts.


  1. Senff says:

    If only I wouldn’t be on the train for about 90 minutes every day, and I probably would have done the same a long time ago…

  2. Ales says:

    Senff, if you have any device with you, you can use it for different things. You can read a book, read some articles you saved for later, draw or write. It’s a gift if you have 90 minutes a day to spend just with yourself. You should treasure those 90 minutes and try to get as much out of that time as possible. Checking social media only fills the gap and with checking Twitter or Facebook you don’t grow as a person, you don’t think and imagine, you just consume and forget.

  3. Donovan says:

    One of my better app choices was Elements. It’s a markdown editor that syncs through Dropbox so I can create blog posts in markdown and proof them when back at a big screen.

    Best of luck with the gaming / social detox. I may try the same thing.

  4. Tibz says:

    I got back to England on September 20th and haven’t used my phone since then. It’s a different kind of experiment because I still use games/social networks on my iPad, but I don’t have a PHONE —I only am available “digitally” when I’m using a Wifi hotspot or a friend’s Wifi access.
    While this is slightly different then what you’re doing, it does help to refocus on what matter and my walks in town and dinners with friends are much more meaningful. I have more time to look around, observe the situation, and realize how my friends are all either checking in, or responding to their Facebook message while we’re looking at the menu and ordering. Funny change of situation :)

  5. Gnome says:

    Man, it’s like you’re going on a paradigm hunt for a sea change with all this talk. I may follow suit. When is social web really needed. not 24/7.