Protecting Your Coda Saved Sites

Somewhat randomly, after a hard crash on my system, I opened up Coda to find that it was unregistered and all my saved sites were gone. I wasn’t too happy about it, since there were probably 20 in there that I would have to dig through all kinds of old emails again to dig up the info, if I was even able to.

As it turns out, there is pretty much one file responsible for this: com.panic.Coda.plist – which is located at ~User~/Library/Preferences. Apparently it got lost or corrupted somehow. I was using Time Machine, so I should have been able to just notch back in time a little and grab an old copy. [Long unimportant story], I was unable to do that at the current time.

Thanks to a nice little Facebook conversation with Rahul Bansal, I have some tips to share to prevent it from happening again.

  • Make sure your backup system backs up your Preference files. Should something go wrong, grab an old copy and replace it.
  • If you happen to be a Transmit owner as well, you should make sure to first add all your sites to Transmit. Coda can import favorites from Transmit, but Transmit can’t import favorites from Coda. So if Coda goes a-foul, you’ll be able to snag them from Transmit easily.
  • Never let your computer crash ever.

There is a secondary awesome feature of using Transmit as your master-source for all saved sites. Transmit syncs with .Mac. So if you have .Mac, all your computers will have the same saved sites on them in Transmit. When I first got my laptop, I was bewildered how it automatically knew all my saved sites, but this is clearly why. For the record, I have since stopped using .Mac because I think it’s over-priced and under-valued.


  1. B. Ackles says:

    Do you use a version control system? I recommend using GitHub for your projects.

    If your not looking for the features & complexity of a version control system, you could just backup your files to Amazon s3.

  2. B. Ackles says:

    Good advise regarding coda…

  3. Rahul Bansal says:

    @B. Ackles
    Many freelancers need to save FTP details of their clients. I have more than 60 sites in my coda. Around 50 of them for clients.

    Version control is good for projects running on your server. Most clients do not have shell access on their cheap web host. So even if you develop client project with SVN (or GitHub) you can not check-out with FTP-only on clients server.

  4. B. Ackles says:

    @Rahul Bansal
    I understand.

    I own both Coda & Transmit (~15 sites), but I seem to only find a need for Coda. What sort of features do you use Transmit for? Or is Transmit running in the background when I don’t even know it?

  5. Rahul Bansal says:

    @B. Ackles
    Actually I personally do not use Transmit much.
    Coda is good enough for my day-to-day FTP demands.
    When I have to do bulk file-transfer, I use “scp” & “sftp” commands from terminal.

    About difference between Transmit & Mac… Transmit can save (sync) your sites to .Mac account. Coda cannot do .Mac syncing but it can import sites form Transmit.

  6. B. Ackles says:

    Here’s a really good introduction to offloading to S3:

    Backing up to S3 might be a better solution than .mac, which I agree is way over priced. I’m not using either (.mac or s3). However, as my client load increases, I realize I’ll probably want to do more than simply backing up to my external hard drive. Also, my external hard drive is not always available & s3 is ubiquitous.

  7. Miguel says:


    Yeah, I too was wondering about the use/functions of Transmit? What list of features does it offer that Coda doesn’t?


  8. Chris Coyier says:

    That’s a good question, about the differences between Transmit and Coda. For the truly cost-conscience, I’d say there isn’t any HUGE reasons to own both.

    If you KNOW all you need is a FTP client, then Transmit is right for you I think. And it does offer some features that are compelling like the .mac syncing and Amazon S3 support. Also for transferring large amounts of files, I feel better using Transmit and queuing up all the stuff that needs to go and watching the queue. Coda doesn’t have a queue really.

  9. Thanks Chris, this is exactly what i needed. Such a bother that Coda and Transmit dont have a better settings sync

  10. Ricky Lee says:

    With 231 sites in Coda… I needed this yesterday. Thank you!

  11. Stephen says:

    Thanks for this info! I thought I had lost all these sites, but you pointed me to the right file in my backup (sorry you weren’t so lucky).

    You can simply copy and paste the Sites1.5 from the backup into the current file.