Uhm, No.

Random email from dude, paraphrased:

Hey I like one of the sites in your portfolio. I work on a website for a (debateably) charitable organization. Could you please zip up all the files for that and send it to me?


It’s funny you mention that, we have had other interest in the site to and plan to package that up and sell it very inexpensively soon. I’ll let you know when that is ready.


Why would you charge me?! The work is already done! If it’s not free then I don’t want it.


I like that shirt you are wearing, can you please take it off and give it to me for free?


OK, I didn’t say that, I just deleted the email. But seriously… design is a skilled trade that we pour our hearts into like any other job. And you know what? Offering high quality design work for discount prices IS charitable.


  1. jon says:

    true that brotha!

  2. Edwin says:

    Really stupid indeed that so many people think they can get a professional website for free. I have to admit that my prices are often low, but that’s because I’m still a student and I can afford it and I want to build up a network. But indeed, we should ask more for good websites, cause it’s worth it. I am already getting better in rejecting people who want to get everything very cheap. And it feels very good to say no to them :)

  3. Edwin says:

    P.S. Could you add a function to this blog that people can follow the reactions by e-mail? (Just as you have by css-tricks)

  4. Jillian says:

    Sigh… yeah, people really don’t get that. I have a personal blog in which I wrote about a very similar experience: http://jilliannichols.wordpress.com/2008/09/22/a-free-website-for-the-unappreciative/

    Just saw your article on SmashingMagazine, nice work! You make web development enjoyable to read about.

  5. Paul Davis says:

    I’m no seasoned pro, but I’d say the same too.

  6. koew says:

    If a friend just come up to me and say “Hey! You’re good with web and shit, right? Then make me a website”, I end up doing it for them. With tables, no doctype, lots of animated gifs and MIDI background music (I’ve got a template at the ready for this).

    It’s just annoying, but then again I do understand that THEY don’t understand the work behind it. Especially all the reading and keeping it up-to-date technically.

    The answer I’ve considered using is this: Sure, if you’ll do my laundry, cook and do the dishes, get groceries and clean the floor two times a week.

  7. Simon says:

    Haha, what a retard!
    Some people are just too stupid it’s funny :D

  8. People like that irritate me.

    Like a few people have said, I don't charge a hell of a lot for designs, because I am still getting started in the web design business but Its just stupid for someone to except to have something given to them just because it was already complete when they asked for it.

  9. Darren H says:

    Sounds like you and I have the same would-be “clients.” I couldn’t agree with you more…